Medigap vs Medicare Advantage

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When piecing together the best Medicare offerings to fit your needs, the choices can be overwhelming. One major choice you need to make is whether you would like a Medigap plan or a Medicare Advantage plan. Let’s take a look at both.


Medigap is a private plan you would purchase to supplement Medicare Parts A and B. It can pay the 20% that Medicare does not cover. It does not include prescription drug coverage.  If you choose this type of plan, you will need to have an additional Part D (Drug) plan, unless you are a Veteran and have VA benefits.

Medicare Advantage

A Medicare Advantage Plan is an all-in-one plan that includes Medicare Parts A and B and may include Medicare Part D as well. Medicare Advantage plans may also include coverage for dental, vision and extra services like gyms and nutrition services. Because it may be wrapped into one plan, Medicare Advantage plans may be more affordable.

Each option has advantages and disadvantages. Generally speaking the advantages of Medigap include:

Ability to be covered no matter where you travel, even outside the country. You can take comfort knowing your emergency care will be covered and you can be reimbursed 80% once you return home.

The advantages for Medicare Advantage are:

Lower or no premiums. All your care is covered under one plan including Parts A, B and D.

Most have more added benefits. You can choose plans with extra services to cover your needs, like dental, vision and even a gym membership. However, you do need to make sure the providers you like accept your plan and all your doctors and prescriptions are covered in the plan you choose.

An expert can help you choose the best plan for you. When you sit down with Dee she’ll talk about your Doctors, prescriptions, your daily activities, how often you travel and your health concerns to make sure you have the coverage you need and one that fits your budget. There are so many factors to consider—don’t try to do it alone!

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