Medicare vs. Medicaid—Can I have both?

Medicare, Medicaid

If you’re new to Medicare it may be easy to confuse it with Medicaid. It gets even more confusing when some people can be eligible for both programs. Here’s the simple difference.

Medicare is a federal program that provides health insurance to individuals over the age of 65.

Medicaid is a federal AND state program that provides health coverage to those with a low income. Most Medicaid beneficiaries who are under the age of 65 also qualify for Social Security benefits. In Arizona the Medicaid program is called AHCCCS.

In general, Medicaid will offer more comprehensive coverage where Medicare requires several parts or a Medicare Advantage plan to fill in the gaps.

Dual coverage: Medicare and Medicaid

Some people, who are low income and also over the age of 65, may qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid. They are called “Dual eligible members.” Many seniors living in nursing homes may find themselves eligible for both programs. It may be helpful to find Medicare and Medicaid plans that are aligned.

In most cases in Arizona you’ll have better health coverage when you qualify for both AHCCCS and Medicare. AHCCCS will pay the premiums for Medicare Parts B and D and will help lower copayments and deductibles.

If you believe you may qualify for AHCCCS as well as Medicare, Dee can go over qualifications with you and help you understand your Medicare options. Please call today to set up a consultation.

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