Medicare Coverage of Substance Abuse Treatment

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Here is a valuable resource suggested by our partner, Camille Smith, for adults receiving Substance Abuse treatment:

I wanted to reach out and share a valuable resource that addresses the unique challenges faced by seniors struggling with substance abuse.

As you may know, the National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that nearly 1 million adults aged 65 and above grapple with substance use disorders. This issue is especially concerning for seniors, as substance abuse can exacerbate existing health problems such as lung and heart issues, memory loss, and other age-related conditions.

Medicare offers essential support for seniors, but navigating the specifics of substance abuse treatment coverage can be confusing and overwhelming for them and their families. That’s why we’ve developed a thorough, practical, and easy-to-read guide that provides up-to-date information on Medicare coverage for substance abuse treatment. Our guide also sheds light on out-of-pocket costs and offers insights on how Medicare can alleviate the financial burden of managing co-existing health conditions.

To access this invaluable resource, please visit:

Camille Smith
Senior Care Advocate