July is National Anti-boredom month–Five hobbies you should try

Medicare, All

It’s never too late to try something new and what better time than during National Anti-boredom Month?

Starting a new hobby, even later in life, can help improve your physical and mental well being and provide purpose and joy to your life. New hobbies can connect you to a new community of friends who make life worth living!

If you have been searching for a new activity to keep you busy, here are five ideas that cost very little or even nothing to learn!


Pickleball is a fast growing sport that is sweeping the nation. It is similar to tennis but played in a smaller area, which makes it perfect for all ages and activity levels.
You can find pickleball courts all over Arizona and many community centers even offer classes to help you learn how to play.
Pickleball is an easy way to increase your physical activity which is good for your body and your mind.


Geocaching is a real life treasure hunt. You follow GPS coordinates and some small clues to locate hidden items or notes.
There are geocaches hidden all over the world and you can get started by downloading a free app to your phone.

Blogging or Journaling

Everyone has a story to share and sharing it is easier than ever. There are plenty of free websites that allow you to record your thoughts and share with others. You could pick one topic or just talk about your life.
Writing helps sharpen your mind and is also beneficial for mental health. Many times writing your own thoughts and feelings can help you see things from a different perspective and calm anxieties.

Explore Family History

Learning about the past can inspire your future! It has never been easier to research your family and make connections you never knew existed.
Sites like ancestry.com and familytree.org allow you to build out a family tree and collaborate with other family members to fill it in with photos, memories and more connections. You can even add details and photos about yourself for future generations to find.

Second language

Learning a second language is a valuable skill, especially for those who enjoy traveling. There are many different apps and websites that allow you to practice a second language at little or no cost.