About Diane “Dee” Lee

Diane, or “Dee” as she prefers to go by, is an experienced insurance broker you can trust. Dee has been specializing in Medicare and long-term insurance for more than 13 years. She’s one of the few brokers in the Valley that works with 56 different carriers which allows her the flexibility to find the perfect plan for her clients. Medicare plans can be confusing but Dee has the heart of a teacher and walks her clients through all of their options so you know you’re getting the best plan for your circumstances.

Dee also has plans for individuals who are not yet eligible for Medicare. If your spouse is not yet 65, Dee can help ensure they are covered.

In addition to selling insurance, Dee practices real estate in California and enjoys kayaking and horseback riding. Dee has lived all over the world and speaks multiple languages. She is a proud, registered member of ethics.net.

Diane Lee Insurance